4 Persons Foldable Table With Seats

Campers looking for a complete and compact table for 4 people. 4 seats are built into the table for easy transport.

Easy to transport - Seats and table fold away into a compact suitcase (60 x 60 x 10 cm).

Weight - 8.7 kg.

Easy to use - Large table top (120 x 60 cm) + 4 separate chairs (suitable for adults and kids).

Composition - Laminate, aluminium and steel.

Durability - Laminated table top with aluminium frame and reinforcements. Steel legs.

Restriction of use - Maximum weight table can hold is 50 kg.

1. You must return the gear to the vendor clean and dry, free of mud and heavy dirt. The gear must be dry before returning it to us to avoid mildew or mould which can zap the gear by the time it is returned. You will be responsible for lost or damaged goods, from the time you receive the gear until it is received back to vendor for inspection.

2. Renta delivery and pick up team will come to collect the equipment from the address registered with us, within 2 days from the date of your activity end date as per your order. The team will come and pick up the equipment before 7pm.

3. The entire security deposit amount will be refunded on return of the products. General wear and tear is completely understandable and will not be charged but rips, damaged products or unremovable stains will be deducted from this deposit. If you manage to lose it, you will have to buy it from the vendor.

4. Cancellation of an order has to happen 4 days prior to the date of delivery. You need to call RentOne customer support for cancellation.

Important Note:
1. Unless mentioned specifically, the color, brand and model of product is subject to availability. The image shown is only for reference.
2. All package prices are inclusive of service tax.
3. Any booking must be accepted by vendor within 24 hours. If Vendor does not accept the order within 24 hours, transaction is cancelled and full amount is refunded back to customer.

Happy renting!

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